About Me


I AM A RABBI. I am trained to and charged with the task of helping Jews find meaning and relevance in their faith and/or practice, and I believe that my role as a rabbi is not the traditional sage-on-the-stage but rather the non-judging guide-by-the-side.

I AM A JEW. Like many Jews, I am looking for a Judaism that is meaningful and relevant to me (and to my family). I am fortunate to have the training and experience to create a Jewish life and practice that makes sense for me, and I want to help anyone else looking to do the same walk down that path.I

I AM MINDFUL. I endeavor to be aware of my surroundings — the people and the world — and I strive to grateful often every day. That helps me be an attentive, active, and compassionate listener — and a non-judging guide-by-the-side.

I AM A HUMAN BEING. Born and raised in Milwaukee, I’m a father of two, I love sports, I’m passionate about living out my ideals in the world, and I enjoy almost all puzzles and games. Most simply, I want to do my part, to help people make better decisions which, in turn, I believe will help this world become a better place.

The brief bio: I was ordained in 2006 at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and I served as the rabbi of a synagogue in New York for six years and of a Jewish day school in Milwaukee for four years. In addition, I have many years of camp experience and also am the founder and director of a non-profit organization, The Spark Wisconsin.